The Second Day of The Second IC-THuSI, on November 19, 2015

IMG_1260 IMG_1281 IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1383 IMG_1412 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1419 IMG_1421 IMG_1536 IMG_1567 IMG_1706 IMG_1713 IMG_1714 IMG_1717 IMG_1766 IMG_1773 IMG_1818 IMG_1835 IMG_2009 IMG_2018 IMG_2023 IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2038 IMG_2041 IMG_2043 IMG_2048 IMG_2049 IMG_2050 IMG_2053 IMG_2058 IMG_2064 IMG_2067 IMG_2069 IMG_2073 IMG_2082 IMG_2085 IMG_2095 IMG_2100 IMG_2115 IMG_2119 IMG_2123 IMG_2124 IMG_2125 IMG_2150 IMG_2151