The topics of interest to be covered by IC-THuSI 2016 include:

A. Theories and Methods Construction in the field of studies:

  1. Anthropology, particularly for developing Spiritual Anthropology
  2. Sociology: prophetic sociology
  3. Psychology: transpersonal, religious-humanistic psychology
  4. Politics: the principles and model of religious democracy; the Islam-inspired clean and good government; shura and parliament.
  5. Economics: Islamic economics theory and its application (finance, banking, monetary system, management)
  6. Education: Islamic character building

 B. Critique of the Theories in the Mainstream Modern Human Sciences

C. Encountering Prevailing Human Crisis

  • Radicalism and Sectarianism
  • Secularism and Void of Spirituality
  • Irrational Mentality and Banality of Mass Culture
  • Violence, Arrogance and Oppression
  • Global Injustice and Poverty
  • Moral Disorientation