The Third IC-THuSI 2016


In line with the themes of previous conferences (2014 and 2015), particularly the second one under the theme “Epistemology and Methodology for A New Paradigm of Human Sciences in Islamic Perspective”, the next conference is going to proceed the development of human scienceswhich is inspired by Islamic teachings and its profound …….. Read More


This conference is aimed to reach such purposes as follows: Generating theories of human sciences on the basis of Islamic perspective through investigation on epistemology and methodology. Innovating new model and methods of human sciences, which is compatible with the real and true humanity, religiousity, and spirituality in ………Read More


The topics of interest to be covered by IC-THuSI 2016 include Theories and Methods Construction, Critique of the Theories in the Mainstream Modern Human Sciences, Encountering Prevailing Human Crisis : …Read More

Call for Papers

All interested professors, researchers, and scholars from various related backgrounds are cordially invited to contribute papers for presentation to the conference. Abstracts of 250-300 words with a short vita should be submitted : …Read More

Partnership & Supports 

The IC-THuSI is organized by Sadra International Institute in affiliation with Sadra School of Islamic Philosophy (STFI Sadra), Jakarta. It is a research center working in Islamic philosophy, tasawwuf (‘irfan), Islamic thought, Al-Qur‘an sciences, and  Read More

Time & Venue 

Time : 16 – 17 November 2016
Venue: -