The First IC-THuSI 2014


The initiative in convening this conference, the First International Conference on Thoughts on Human Sciences in Islam – with the acronym “IC-THuSI”-, comes up with the great concern over a deep and perilous crisis of humanity in the present-day world .. Read More


This research-based international conference, which will be held under the great concern with the ongoing crisis of humanity, is aimed to …Read More


By means of the performance of the IC-THuSI along with other related programs and activities, there will be set goals …Read More


This conference, IC-THuSI, invites kindly any professors, scholars, researchers, and academicians who are interested with this issue to write up the scientific papers. The core theme of this conference is “Generating Fresh Thoughts on Human Sciences the perspective of Islam” with specified themes as follows …Read More

The Meaning of IC-THuSi Logo

Yellow curve leading to the top symbolizes the transcendent, divinity, and spirituality. Green curve symbolizes human knowledge emanating from the divinity. THuSI is an abbreviation …Read More


The IC-THuSI is organized by Sadra International Institute in affiliation with Sadra School of Islamic Philosophy (STFI Sadra), Jakarta. It is a research center working in Islamic philosophy, tasawwuf (‘irfan), Islamic thought, Al-Qur‘an sciences, and  Read More

Time and Venue

Time: November 19-20th, 2014
Venue: Campus of Sadra School of Islamic Philosophy (STFI Sadra), Jakarta 12430.