Call for Papers of IC-THuSI 2016

Human Sciences: Theory and Practice in Islamic Perspective

Jakarta, 16-17 November 2016

Sadra International Institute in cooperation with STFI Sadra and
Mustafa International University, Jakarta


Call for Papers

 Professors, researchers, and scholars from various related backgrounds are cordially invited to contribute papers of presentation to the conference.


In accordance with the main purpose of the International Conference on Thoughts on Human Sciences in Islam (IC-THuSI), the construction of theories for human sciences in Islamic perspective must be undertaken diligently and systematically by means of research activities. Theory is a set of systematized arguments, interrelated propositions, and defined concepts that provide descriptive and explanatory framework in grasping and analyzing human phenomena. Theories can help describe and explain human action and behaviour as well as guide the search to understand and interpret human values and nature. Theory provides a framework for undertaking research as well as research is a vital process for testing, developing and generating theory.

The upcoming conference is designed also to cope with responding the contemporary problems and condition of humanity today. We live in the period in which human problems are accumulated in such a very complicated way that many scholars and thinkers become desperate, skeptic and nihilistic for understanding and overcoming the existing crisis of humanity and civilization. At the same time we believe genuinely that human beings have capability to encounter and respond those problems and challenges as long as we are in touch with our own inner human capacity and primordial nature (fitrah) to hear, to see, and to apprehend the truth.


  1. To construct theories of human sciences in Islamic perspective.
  2. To address the existing problems related to the disastrous crisis of humanity and civilization.
  3. To innovate model and methods of human sciences, which are compatible with the real humanity, religiousity, and spirituality in Islamic perspective.

 The Topics of Paper:

A. Theories and Methods Construction in the field of studies:

  1. Anthropology, particularly for developing Spiritual Anthropology
  2. Sociology: prophetic sociology
  3. Psychology: transpersonal, religious-humanistic psychology
  4. Politics: the principles and model of religious democracy; the Islam-inspired clean and good government; shura and parliament.
  5. Economics: Islamic economics theory and its application (finance, banking, monetary system, management)
  6. Education: Islamic character building

 B. Critique of the Theories in the Mainstream Modern Human Sciences

C. Encountering Prevailing Human Crisis

  1.  Radicalism and Sectarianism
  2. Secularism and Void of Spirituality
  3. Irrational Mentality and Banality of Mass Culture
  4. Violence, Arrogance and Oppression
  5. Global Injustice and Poverty
  6. Moral Disorientation

Submission of Papers

Abstracts of 250-300 words with a short vita should be submitted to by August 29, 2016. Upon acceptance, full papers should be submitted by September 30, 2016.


Important Dates:

  1. Abstract Submission Deadline                    29 August 2016
  2. Notification of Paper Acceptance               05 September 2016
  3. Full Paper Submission Deadline                  30 September 2016
  4. Registration Payment Deadline                   7 November 2016
  5. The Conference                                             16 – 17 November 2016

Registration Fee: USD 100

 Further information
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