Call for Papers

Professors, researchers, and scholars who are interested with the theme along with the sub-themes of the conference are kindly invited to submit their papers. Abstracts of 250-300 words with a short vita should be sent to and by August 29, 2016. Upon acceptance, full papers should be sent by September 30, 2016. ... Read More »

Themes of Paper

The core theme of this conference is “ Human Sciences: Theory and Practice in Islamic Perspective ” with sub- themes as follows : ............ Read More »

Three Statements

  • In the context of humanity, the mainstream modern human sciences have lost a whole vision of human nature that in turn they have failed to understand human phenomenon properly.
  • In the context of religiosity (Islam), the materialist-secular modern human sciences are contrary to the principles of faith and nobility of human being
  • In the context of Indonesia, the secular modern human sciences are not suitable with Pancasila (Five Principles).